Travelling with a backpack that I don't like is a nightmare to me.

I always wanted to find the perfect backpack for my univeristy work, but frustrated of all the options that I could find. Even though the high pricy Swift Gear, Nike, Diesel and ect didn't quite had all the features I have been looking for.

Price is not my concern as even the higher price ones didn't have all the features I'm looking for. I wanted a backpack with many features and custom designed pockets for my favourite items.

Here are some of the things that I have looked for,

  • build quility is surely one of the things.
  • ability to safely store my 13 inch macbook pro, my ipad
  • ability to quickly access my power bank and earphones
  • store my water bottle in a sealed quickly accessible place
  • store my calculator, keys, pens in a separete pockets
  • carry clothes or shoes in a separate container where it acts like a luggage.
  • water and dust proof design

Lots of bags were not able to fulfill my expectations and I finally came across this brand called "Mark Ryden" which I wasn't heard before. They have different backpack lineups and type "compacto" got my attention. It had almost all the features that I have been looking for.

photos taken after receiving the backpack

After using the backpack for more than 8 months now, I still enjoying carrying this with me. For all the smart backpack enthusiasts out there I will hope this will help in choosing the perfect backpack for you.

This backpack costs about 50 usd on aliexpress and the link to product description is below.

Following image shows some of the items that this backpack can hold. There are both 15 inch and 17 inch models available.

For lighter users, there's another backpack titled as "compacto pro" which is lighter and thinner than "compacto".

shows the different items that the backpack can store